One of the first things many people feel when they come to Mexico is surprise. What about the horror news stories? What about those movies depicting Mexicans in the desert, with big sombreros, chewing blades of grass?

The disparity between Mexico’s reality and the media was the spark behind this website. Mexico has a rich culture, colorful towns, unique natural wonders, and mouth-watering food. This is what everyone starts to discover after the initial surprise subsides – and why everyone can’t stop talking about Mexico. It’s this obsession we wanted to share.

But many people barely scratch Mexico’s colorful surface. They are afraid they’ll encounter the darkness they’ve heard so much about. What do the terrifying news stories mean for tourists? Will I get sick from the water or food? And so, many people choose the resort lifestyle or the tried-and-trodden touristic paths, each step tinged with a little trepidation and maybe some fear.

So we went out and explored it for you. We’ve talked with locals about the regional foods you must try, and the best spots you have to see. We’ve driven across half of the country in rental cars, experiencing what it really means to be adventurous but still safe. We’ve camped. We’ve hiked. We’ve eaten ants, crickets, and grubs. We’ve tried the salsas that even Mexicans say ‘pica mucho’ (very spicy – which means, it will burn your tongue off).

The idea behind the stories and guides on this website is to inspire you to go a little deeper. Explore remote Mexico. Stumble across bizarre hotels. Join indigenous traditions. Learn local stories. Eat gourmet and street food alike. And maybe, at the end of it all, relax in some of the most luxurious experiences Mexico has to offer.

We are happy to answer any of your questions about Mexico! Or if you would like to book or receive a complete travel itinerary with local guides, email us and we’ll organize it for you.