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Tips For Traveling To Mexico

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Traveling to Mexico seems to evoke our deepest-seeded fears about the country. Built upon decades of negative press–because, let’s face it, good news hardly escapes–first-time visitors frantically search whether it’s safe to travel to Mexico or what are the latest travel warnings. And they’re fair questions; the news reports, after all, are real. But what […]

Driving & Renting a Car in Mexico: The Pros, Cons, and Requirements

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Renting and driving a car in Mexico is one of the best ways to see the country and get off the beaten track. While the bus system is good between major cities, it is harder to reach the little pueblos where you can really experience local Mexico. Mexico is also full of hard-to-reach natural wonders, […]

Travel Insurance For Mexico: Do You Even Need It?

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In this article we cover all your questions about insurance in Mexico: Do you need travel insurance in Mexico? Mandatory car insurance in Mexico Does your existing insurance cover you in Mexico? Should I get travel insurance for Mexico? What type of travel insurance do I need for Mexico? Finding cheap travel insurance Best travel […]