The Best Of Mexico City’s Secret Bars That The Locals Know

Speakeasies, hidden terraces, unassuming entrances, basements – welcome to Mexico’s latest bar trends. Mexico’s bar scene is blossoming, but only if you know where to look. What is harder to find is a good cocktail, but the novelty of the trendy and eccentric decor outweighs what is sometimes lacking in mixology. But that is turning […]

How To Enjoy The Different Types Of Tequila

All tequila comes from fermenting and distilling the juice of crushed blue agave plants – but what happens during the distillation process changes everything. Many people think there are only three kinds of tequila, but today five main types of tequila are officially recognized. Beyond that, there are many more types of tequila infusions, mixes, […]

Mexican Campgrounds: What To Expect

Mexico is extremely diverse, both geographically and culturally. You can go one week from shivering in the mountainous Sierra Gorda to sweltering hot camping in the beach towns, so packing for both hot and cold is essential. Even within the same day, many areas experience temperature changes of 15–20 degrees. A Local Guide to Mexican […]

Is It Safe to Camp in Mexico?

Mexico’s crime situation is constantly changing, although some states have experienced several years of stability and safety – the number of campers is all the proof you need. On the other hand, the strict security protocols for the more popular and luxury campsites hint at the insecurity that some people still feel about camping in […]

What Is So Special About Mexico’s Cenotes?

Jump to the: The Short List of Best Cenotes in Mexico Do You Know Where You’re Staying? Get the Long Guides. Why You’ll Get Excited About Mexico’s Cenotes Mexico’s cenotes are slowly overtaking the country’s beach fame. Sure, long sandy beaches and turquoise water are alluring, but something truly unique in this world is Mexico’s […]